Foot Fetish: Key Points You Should Know

Men and women with a foot fetish (podophilia, scientific manner) are turned on by feet. They experience sexual pleasure when worshiping, kissing, licking, and taking other actions with that part of the body. 
Foot fetish is a common kink, like many different forms of passion for non-genital objects. If you want to find like-minded partners, please visit sex-positive communities online and savor sexual exploration to make your sex life more pleasurable in an understanding environment. 

How to Make the Most of Foot Fetish

Your path starts with consent. Discussing with your partner your passion and its specifics is crucial to pleasuring both. Hence, please help your friend or soulmate understand and support your kink. Give him or her time to perceive your sexual tastes and take things at the pace you are both comfortable with. Once you are on the same page, the following ideas will spice up your game:

    Enjoy the excitement of giving and getting a foot massage.
    Sucking on your toes will give you an unforgettable experience.
    Kiss the feet’s specific zones.
    Tenderly wash each other's feet.
    Talk about the fetish and exchange photos or videos when you are not together at the moment.
    Stimulate your partner’s erogenous zones with your feet. Ask for the same thing if you like. 

The norm of monogamous relationships is still influential in modern society. Hence, many might hide their true desires, even being turned on by the opportunity of swinging. So, the right community nearby is crucial to help you handle complicated feelings experienced initially. So, join the best polyamorous sites. 
They include swingers, unicorns (singles looking for couples), group sex fans, and other open-minded people. You can set speedy dates and enjoy your passion tonight or find many offers of offline sex-related events, parties, and trips.

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